In August 2017 I decided that I needed to start pursuing my passion and actually finish creating a game. I’d been off-and-on creating levels and game prototypes for years but never released anything. So inspired by the early Zelda games and various rougelikes I got to work on SellSword. I’d never used the Unity3D engine before but I was blown away with its features and I picked it up in no time.

The core loop of the game is to fight your way through a dungeon and then use your coins at the shop to upgrade your equipment. After the shop, it’s back to the dungeon, repeat until death! When the player kills enemies they gain experience, which in turn allows them to level up which increases their base health. Different armours can be equipped to increase your protection. Melee weapons and bows make the player stronger and faster in combat. Destroying barrels and pots, opening chests and killing enemies will uncover loot. The player has an inventory for storing food and armour repair kits as well as any spare equipment they might want to sell on escaping the dungeon.

I faced a few difficulties during development of SellSword. Firstly, I had to learn to use Unity on the go, so some of the features I implemented had to be redone a number of times. I also expected the programming to be inheritance based however, about half way through development I realised I should be using a component based architecture. As I felt I was too far down the line with my code I decided not to rewrite everything but to apply the concepts going forwards. I also had trouble with the art assets as I wouldn’t say I’m artistically inclined however I managed to create 90% of it myself.

I knew I had to keep my first game small so when I’d implemented the core mechanics and features I started to focus on release. I spent some time working with Google Play Services to add leaderboards and achievements. Four months after I began development the game was released on December 7th 2017.

If your interested in playing the game it’s available on the Play Store, you can find it here!